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An epic adventure fantasy world filled with a myriad of fantastical creatures and unforgettable characters. Immerse yourself in a place that will empower you to follow your dreams.


Richard's book series is written within the Soul Forge Universe. 


Highcliff Guardians

A Soul Forge Universe Series

“It’s time to bestow your sword with a magic befitting a future queen. A queen who will walk the winds of fate on the back of dragonkind.”


~Eolande, Crystal Cavern Caretaker

Legends of the Lurker Series

A Soul Forge Universe Series

Bullied and ostracized, Reecah Draakvriend simply wants to be left alone. At least until the day she visits the village witch and learns a shocking secret. 


With her life spinning out of control, Reecah must decide whether to slay the dragon or become a victim of her people. 


Can Reecah find the courage to unlock her destiny or will she fall prey to the secret so many have died to protect?

Banebridge Companion Novels

A Soul Forge Universe Series

Everyone has a story, especially the archers of the Splendoor Catacombs Guard.


This original series follows Larina, Sadyra and Pollard as they combine forces to oversee the future defense of Zephyr, battling betrayal and adversity every step of the way. 

When a dark secret assails the band of warriors, their very existence is threatened by creatures they are sworn to protect. Will they overcome this final challenge, or will they succumb like so many before them?

Soul Forge Saga

A Soul Forge Universe Series

While forgotten hero Silurian Mintaka is delivering the kingdom from certain death, his loved ones perish, unprotected.


Paralyzed by grief, Silurian’s darkened soul is awakened by an eclectic old man harbouring a  secret of his own. Together they embark on a quest of discovery and betrayal, with the faint hope of eliminating the evil threatening to raze the kingdom to the ground.


Can Silurian overcome his all-consuming rage, or will his desire for revenge end up killing them all?

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